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Closing the gap between Microsoft 365 and Information Governance


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Overview of Microsoft’s retention capabilities

15th May 2024

Microsoft 365 IM Tech Summit - Brighton

During this session Rob provides an overview of the way that Microsoft 365’s retention labels and retention policies work and how they can be applied to your content. The presentation explores key questions around any records management architecture in Microsoft 365, including:

  • How the start of retention can be triggered?

  • What can users do to records during retention?

  • What options you have at the end of a retention period?

Different architectural approaches are considered to help attendees feel empowered when making key decisions around the application of retention in their tenancies.

Overview of Microsoft's retention capabilities - IM Tech 365 Summit


Records Manager Unite

17th June 2024

IRMS South West / ARA South West

Topic TBD

Archivists and records managers need to work together to ensure the integrity of our archival record from creation through to future use. But how do we do this?

We want to come together to discuss:

· How can the professions work more effectively together? Who else do we need to work with?

· How can we advocate for resources and change within our working contexts?

· What do we need to prioritise? What are the best ways of communicating and managing risk?

· What communication strategies and skills do we need?

· When IT suggests Sharepoint as a records management or digital preservation solution, how do we answer?

· How can we ensure that creators understand and know how to make good records? – when they use Office 365 or put everything in the cloud?

· Can retention schedules/digital preservation workflows be integrated with Sharepoint/Outlook office?

· Do we all need to become digital archivists?


IRMS Wales - September Event

20th September 2024

IRMS Wales

Topic TBD


I'm a Microsoft 365 Solution Architect and regular public speaker on retention and compliance. Actively working with Microsoft to help improve the governance capabilities provided by the Microsoft 365 platform.


Currently serving in the following roles:

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Knowledge & Information Management Practice Lead

Intelogy is the UK’s leading Microsoft 365 partner in the area of compliance and governance


Orinoco 365 - Founder

Orinoco365 enables consistent governance through the automation of retention and metadata across SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams.


Digital Director

The Information and Records Management Society is the foremost professional association for all information professionals




I've been very fortunate to have been able to provide services to some of the best organisations out there, including:

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