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Information Governance AI in Microsoft 365

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In April 2023, the LUSTRE Network a research project around how AI can improve digital preservation especially of the public record, invited me to talk to their community.

While artificial intelligence has been claimed to be ‘just around the corner’ for several decades now, over the past few years there have been clear indications that the technology is starting to be used in real-world scenarios.

Within the Information Governance community AI is certainly being anticipated as somewhat of a panacea. With most organisations having inadequate processes surrounding the way they store and manage information throughout its lifecycle, AI is starting to be seen as the solution that will clean up the existing mess and sort out everyone’s ‘digital heaps’.

Microsoft, alongside other tech giants has recently been investing heavily in starting the bring the potential of artificial intelligence into their cloud collaboration platform, Microsoft 365. We’ve already seen several information management applications being introduced into the platform, which leverage the AI provided by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.


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