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UK Government publishes Generative AI Framework

An analogous image of UK Government AI guidance, that depicts  a human-AI holding a book with Elizabeth Tower of the Houses of Parliament in the background

The UK Government has today published fantastic guidance on Generative AI. The framework provides key principals to govern usage of generative AI, and details legal and ethical considerations to ensure responsible and safe adoption. Although the framework is technology agnostic, it will certainly have a major impact in the way that capabilities such as Microsoft Copilot are deployed in the UK Public Sector.

Certainly, one of my focuses for the next year will be to explore governance and records management scenarios surrounding the use of Generative AI, which I think will include considerations such as understanding how retention can be applied to generated content, and how we can identify 'truth' in a world where records can be created (and potentially fabricated) so readily.

As the UK's Generative AI Framework puts it:

Generative AI tools are not guaranteed to be accurate as they are generally designed only to produce highly plausible and coherent results. This means that they can, and do, make errors.

Whether you're based in the UK or not, I'd strongly recommend taking a look at the framework, as I feel it offers excellent guideance around usage of generative AI, including both the substantial benefits and inherent risks of this type of technology: Generative AI Framework for HMG (HTML) - GOV.UK (

And, before anyone asks, yes, this text was written by a human (I wish I could say the same for the image I've used).


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